Why Support?

Can you imagine Tucson without Davis-Monthan Air Force Base? Davis-Monthan was established in 1927 and has been in use since 1941 as an air base. Nearly all Tucsonans have never taken a breath in Tucson without DM’s presence. Unfortunately, proposed federal deficit reduction measures could threaten the industry and result in base closures throughout our region. Many think DM is most at risk.

Southern Arizona’s five military assets provide nearly 62,000 jobs and pump almost $5.4 billion into our economy every year. Tucson is the seventh highest recipient of defense dollars among all U.S. cities, and number one in Arizona, according to a Bloomberg Government Study released in 2011.

Declared “the state’s largest and most important employer” by Dennis L. Hoffman, Professor of Economics, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, the Department of Defense is the lifeblood of Southern Arizona’s economic engine.

Says Hoffman: “I don’t want to think about what Tucson would look like without defense spending.”

Davis-Monthan AFB isn’t the only Southern Arizona military installation facing reductions in force or funding cuts. From Yuma’s Army Proving Ground and Marine Corps Air Station near the California state line, all the way east to Fort Huachuca’s Army base, and north to the Arizona National Guard Silverbell Army Heliport in Marana, every installation in our region could face adverse impacts from military draw downs. With your support and backing, Mission Strong will take a huge step forward in coordinating the effort to save our military assets in Southern Arizona.