FAQ / Facts


What is the total Arizona economic impact of our military?
Based on the Arizona State University Maguire Study, using fiscal year 2005 data, the total Arizona economic impact our military provides is $9.1 billion and 96,328 jobs. Below is a breakdown of Southern Arizona’s contributions:

  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson: $1.75 billion, 19,179 jobs
  • 162nd Fighter Wing, Arizona National Guard, Tucson: $280 million, 2,947 jobs
  • Fort Huachuca, U.S. Army, Sierra Vista: $2.38 billion, 26,921 jobs
  • Yuma Marine Corps Air Station, $531 million, 7,603 jobs
  • Yuma Proving Ground, U.S. Army: $442 million, 4,226 jobs
  • Arizona National Guard Silverbell Army Heliport, Marana: $83 million, 1,102 jobs

What is an “Economic Impact Analysis”?
It’s an estimate of the total financial impact an installation has on its surrounding community.


  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base employs 10,869 in direct jobs, has an average pay of $42,740 a year and pays $200.3 million a year in salary.
  • The 162nd Fighter Wing provides $280 million in economic impact, $108 million in payroll, and 1,702 direct jobs.
  • Davis-Monthan’s economic impact on the city of Tucson and surrounding community is $1.75 billion
  • Fort Huachuca provides $886 million in direct economic impact
  • Arizona receives about $15.3 billion in federal defense dollars annually, ranking it eighth among the 50 states. That’s 2.9% of total U.S. defense spending, which works out to $2,321 per Arizona resident.